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In The Hunt

The latest episode of In the Hunt from follows Aaron McCaleb and Jason Morton on location in Texas.

Part of an original series of videos available exclusively via, an all-new episode of In the Hunt is now available to stream online. One of the dozens of videos offered courtesy of the marketplace and auction platform across a variety of different series—including In the Hunt, At the Range, and At the Ranch—hours of hunting- and shooting-focused content is freely available to watch online right now.

“On this episode of In the Hunt, we have Aaron McCaleb hunting alongside Jason Morton from CZ-USA down in Texas,” reveals a member of the team, speaking from the online marketplace’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. “When Aaron heard the crew was heading down to Southwest Texas, he jumped right at the opportunity to join along,” they add.

According to the marketplace and its team, there are some great deer down in Texas if you can catch them right. Starring in the latest episode of In the Hunt, Aaron McCaleb, and Jason Morton are colleagues from the hunting and fishing industry.

‘In the Hunt: Aaron Returns to the Ranch’ sees McCaleb return to the property acquired by Morton around four years ago. “It’s incredible to now see all of the hard work that they’ve put into the ranch paying off,” says a representative for the marketplace and auction platform, “with awesome experiences and an amazing site to hunt on.”

With the support of their sponsors and others in Texas, Morton’s ranch is starting to pay off, the episode reveals. ‘In the Hunt: Aaron Returns to the Ranch’ goes on to demonstrate how the property has an abundance of older class deer, for example.

The short, nine-minute-long episode also shows how well the ranch’s team has come to know the lay of the land. “They’ve done an exceptional job in what’s ultimately a very short period of time,” a member of the crew points out, “and have truly made the ranch a top-quality hunting operation.”

The latest episode of In the Hunt follows the crew across several days of hunting and is available to watch for free via the website. introduces tailored insurance for customers

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